Chris Prosser

Can you start off by telling us a little bit about yourself, your favorite equipment to use, and how you became interested in photography?
My name is Christopher Prosser and I am a photography major at UDC in my junior year.  My interest in photography came at an early age, I was always messing around with my fathers cameras.  Still to this day I have prints of some shots that I took at four years old, they are not very good!

What are you currently working on?
Projects for school keep me pretty busy at the moment.  I’m also shooting some album covers and concerts for a some artists on a DC based record label.

Who are your influences?
My influences in photography are anyone who creates a mind blowing image.  It could be someone famous, a friend, or someone random that you come across.  I think its all about what a photograph makes you feel. My goals are to get better technically and to stay creative, always looking for that next perfect moment.  You need to learn everyday and learn until the day you die.

Why do you think it’s important to study photography? What have been some of your greatest experiences studying photo at UDC?
I think it is important to study photography for many reasons. First of all it is great to learn the origins of photography, seeing how it progressed and evolved give you not only a great view of the past but also makes you realize how lucky we are to be able to use all the latest equipment and technological advances.

Studying at UDC has been a great experience. I feel like I have a wealth of knowledge already and can’t wait to gather more photography insight. Mainly I have studied with Professor Iwan Bagus, he has been amazing! I could kind of compare it to working with a friend, mentor and editor all at the same time. He pushes you constantly to reveal your best work but it always teaching and looking out for the best interests of his students. I am a few semesters away from graduating but feel like I am already able to take a job in the photography field.

In three words, what inspires you?
The sun’s light!