Roshan Ghimire

Can you start off by telling us a little bit about yourself, your favorite equipment to use, and how you became interested in photography?
Originally from Nepal, I grew up in Janakpur, a small southern town in plains of Nepal. Painting and writing were my initial interests that dragged me into the creative world. I still recall that moment when my parents gifted me a mechanical Olympus camera, which turned out to be fabulous and astounding experiences for the rest of my life. For me, it was not only a device,but a new hope of possibility,innovation, and experimentation. Although in later days I utterly stopped painting and writing, and switched to photography, which is again pretty much similar to writing and painting. Photography – as I perceive – is not apart from writing and painting, but is an act of playing with lights, with colors,and with shadows, using a different medium to achieve aesthetic facets of nature and life at large.

In 2006, I came to United States to pursue my bachelor degree in Mass Media. After studying at Northern Virgina Community College (NOVA) for more than 2 years, I transferred to University of District of Columbia (UDC) and started taking photo classes with Prof. Iwan Bagus. Now I am pursuing my double major in Photography and Mass Media .

Photography, itself, is not interesting at all. Rather it is cumbersome and tedious in all ways that I can explain! Neither you could discover any worthy images, till you develop an absolute patient and understanding of what you see, how you see, and where you see. The most important thing in photography is to have a sense of art, a tremendous ability to accept the harshness and reality of life. In that sense, photography is really fantastic and challenging. Not a long ago, but the day I understand what photography is I have always a dream of telling the insightful stories of common people,making it more artistic, powerful and thought provoking.

I primarily use a Canon Rebel DSLR for my photographs, but I am equally passionate with Holga and a 35 mm mechanical camera. I am creating Pin Hole camera for my next project. I also always carry Casio extra slim and flip camera with me, so that I could snap any moments that are sensible, and creative, which define inner prospectives and instincts of nature, human, and human created world.

What are you currently working on?
(Chuckles)…As I see myself over and over (I think every photographer should do that! ), I always find myself working, and experimenting with different techniques,and put my whole effort to give something unexplored, to which sometime I am successful and other times not. And what I think is that how you learn it.

I try to upload at least one image every day to my photo blog. Besides that, these days I am working on B/W films for my fine art photography class. I am brain storming ideas for photo exhibition which I plan to organize next year, to which I am desperately waiting that moment to come.. Ya.. Super excited.

Who are your influences?
I love photographs which have some human emotions/connection and stories: High energy images of Richard Avedan have influenced me in many ways and James Natchway’s way of looking at subjects, or objects, undoubtedly rocks.

Why do you think it’s important to study photography? What have been some of your greatest experiences studying photo at UDC?
Our photo department rocks. Although our photo department is quite small, I suppose in up-coming days, the number will grow in geometric ration…(Laugh). All the members of the clubs are well acquaintance with each other, which has more of family environment. Professors are friendly and easy to reach at. They are more mentors than professors! How many professors go through your each image, and challenge you every time for new ideas, angles, composition, and direction ?

Attending UDC for photography came as a boon for me. My images have been exhibited in the 2010 Annual UDC Student Art Show, Celebrations of Diversity: Homeland and Identity International Student Exhibition in Washington, DC and Saudi Arabia, and Natural Allure at MOVA Lounge in Washington, DC. Recently one of my images was selected to be published in the book Best of College Photography 2011. Thanks UDC Photo Department for everything!

In three words, what inspires you?
Motivation, Perspective, and New Angle