Dacya Abrahamyan

Can you start off by telling us a little bit about yourself, your favorite equipment to use, and how you became interested in photography?
I am from Istanbul, Turkey and I am a Studio Art and Graphic Design major at UDC in my senior year. Since childhood I was interested with any aspect of art such as painting, photography, visual arts etc. I like to shoot my point of view picture and reflect my understanding of world with my camera. I make the moment eternal and I like to flash forward by looking my art works and enjoy them time to time. I think that’s my starting point of interest in photography. Also it helps me from past to current how much improvement I made.

I started shooting 35mm Olmypus camera till someone stole it from my sisters bag. I am a type of girl who carries her camera wherever she goes. My camera is main thing in my bag how others have lipstick or perfume in their bag. I like to see every shot eventhough bad ones. When digital cameras invented and people started to see and delete immediately what they dont like it hurts me a lot and I immediately missed film cameras. Anyhow after taking Photograhpy class at UDC I learned more and more every day, and I learned an intellectual view of looking out from my camera.

What are you currently working on?
Currently I dont have any specific personal work but my camera is ready for any minute and event whenever I need and I want to seal that moment with my shot.

Who are your influences?
I don’t have any particular name but I can say anyone who creates beautiful shots and mind blowing techniques such as Jean-Pierre Sudre, the founder of Mordançage inspires me and I try to combine things and create my artwork.

Why do you think it’s important to study photography? What have been some of your greatest experiences studying photo at UDC?
I think it is important to study any field because you learn more and more everyday something new such as a new technique, a new trend, a new way of looking, a new critical mind to analyze. It helps to communicate with people universally and it is truly an advantage. Also studying photography helps you to appreciate the hard work of artists. Making a shot is more than a click. It is a powerful medium that everybody within our contemporary culture has an opinion about.

Studying at UDC has been a great experience for me because first of all I work in the dark room. I never made my own print before and I remember when I did my first print I thought the way it came out was perfect. I was lucky because I have classmates with patience and our friendly Prof. Iwan Bagus, I felt free to ask million questions to find a correct way to achieve a better print. As an international student English is my second language and the first day of class I felt very desperate. Because the way they communicate didn’t make sense for me. I felt they know everything and I am so far away from them. But everyday I asked questions, I got many critics and I trained my brain with knowledge and one of my art works got an award at Student Art Show. I was surprised and felt very happy and I remember the first thing I did was I thanked my Prof. Iwan Bagus. It was a pleasure for me to have all of them around me, I learned and enjoyed studying photo at UDC.

In three words, what inspires you?
CURIOUS to learn, CREATIVITY to improve, AMBITION to succeed.