Shaun Schroth

Shaun SchrothCan you start off by telling us a little bit about yourself, your favorite equipment to use, and how you became interested in photography?
I grew up in Northern Indiana. For as long as I can remember I’ve always enjoyed just about anything related to art, but mostly creating it. I enjoy experimenting with various mediums.  My deep interest in photography probably started while I was finishing up my degree in Video Production at the Art Institute of Washington. I bought a DSLR and was taking it everywhere. I decided that photography, more importantly teaching photography was what I wanted to do.  I have all sorts of equipment. 35mm cameras, digital, medium, and large format. I shoot more with my 35mm at the moment. Digital if I am shooting for someone and they want quick turn around.

What are you currently working on?
Right now, no specific personal work, just school assignments, assisting, and getting comfortable shooting with medium format.

Who are your influences?
No one in particular. I enjoy seeing what has been done and what people are doing, but cannot pinpoint any one photographer or artist. I’d like to think that the works of others are more inspirational than influential.

Why do you think it’s important to study photography? What have been some of your greatest experiences studying photo at UDC?
I feel that studying photography, whether as an artist or viewer, is important because it is a universal medium. It allows people to communicate on multiple levels. It is a medium that can share current events, be utilized for scientific research, show us parts of the world that we cannot always feasibly reach, it communicates with us artistically, and can be used to raise social awareness.  As for my own studies of photography, UDC’s program has been fantastic. Overall I have had great experiences and opportunities in each photography class that I have taken, but one of the best so far was our exhibition “Celebrations of Homeland, Diversity, and Identity”.

In three words, what inspires you?
Creativity, experimentation, and motivation.