Using conceptual thinking and basic compositional elements, students will learn how to create and analyze photography as visual communication tools. The student will be exposed to the principles and techniques of using the basic 35mm camera, film processing, darkroom printing and critically analyze creative works from the viewpoints of form, style, and meaning. The student will also be introduced to the study of historical and contemporary examples of photography and related media. This course is designed to give students experiential learning in ways of constructing a visual message with basic techniques in photography/still image as well as the vernacular used to discuss and critique these various media.

Prerequisite: none



Introduces the basic principles and concepts of digital photography, including composite imaging and digital darkroom techniques. Students learn to use the manual settings of a digital camera to create a variety of photographic effects such as black and white and color images using the digital camera. are introduced.

Prerequisite: ARTS-145 or permission of instructor. Studio course.


People have always been a charming subject for artists throughout history. In this class, the student will learn to make photographic portraits in different environments, moods, and settings. The use of natural light, tungsten lights, strobe lights, the large format 4X5 camera and medium format camera will be covered in this class. Student will familiarize themselves with all the activities that take place when a photographer creates situations while behind the camera. Learning how to use different camera formats, applying the lighting techniques, and directing the subject will be as important as constructing conceptual and aesthetic factors. Different genres in portraiture photography, theory, and history will be taught throughout the semester. Students will produce a professional portraiture portfolio (print & online) by the end of semester.

Prerequisite: Basic Photography (Arts-145)



Students utilize digital camera technology to produce a portfolio of works around a theme. Advanced digital darkroom techniques are explored. Explores black and white and color image creation as the student develops a unified body of work.

Prerequisite: ARTS-247 or permission of the instructor. Studio course



This course is designed to teach students the meaning of photojournalism & social documentary and the importance of the visual image in communicating ideas and information. Student will develop an appreciation for, and an understanding of, photography as a craft using light form, composition and motion as its primary raw materials. Topics such as ethics, ethnography, street photography, sports, news, features, and environmental portraiture are being covered in the class. Students will produce a photojournalism & documentary portfolio (print & online) by the end of semester.

Prerequisite: Basic Photography (Arts-145)


This course is an introduction to and general survey of the history of photography from pre-1839 to the present. Students will be introduced to key figures, movements, photographic processes and critical thought through lectures, class discussions, videos, books, and hands-on opportunities. The structure of the course is roughly chronological, but will also include topical lectures that focus on portraiture, landscape, documentary photography, other histories of photography, and the history of the photobook.

Prerequisite: none